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Mike Heydinger, born and reared in Norwalk, graduated from the University of Dayton with his BA in Education, took his MA in English from BGSU, and his Specialist Degree in Curriculum Development from the University of Toledo.


He taught from 1965 until 2002 for Huron High School and off and on in the evenings for BGSU Firelands from the ’70s until 2014. He helped begin the Huron High School Alumni Association, the Huron Educational Foundation, serves on several of their committees, and also serves on the McBride Arboretum Board at BGSU Firelands College, working with several committees there.


He and his wife were married 46 years before she passed, and together they raised three sons.


Mike now travels extensively throughout the year, most of the time with his granddaughter and great-niece as part of their worldwide education.


He is presently researching and writing a book about his family’s place in the great American Immigration Saga, from their beginnings in Europe, through their immigration experiences, and then settling in and expanding through six generations now on the American stage. He hopes to live long enough to complete the work!

Mike Heydinger
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