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Investments, Asset Allocation, Administrative Fees

The Huron Educational Foundation is the steward of a permanent endowment designed to benefit the Huron City School community. In managing the endowments, our goal is to provide sufficient funds for current grants, while preserving the endowment's permanent value into the future. The Foundation investment and distribution strategy is designed to support short term spending/income goals as well as to provide for longer-term growth over inflation. 


The Huron Educational Foundation's Investment Policy and Asset Allocation can be found in the Huron Educational Foundation Board approved Huron Educational Foundation Investment Policy.  


The administrative fees are calculated on the principal balance of each fund and are charged directly to the fund. They cover all the administrative services provided to the Foundation. The investment fees cover the services of the Foundation's investment managers: the trustee banks in the case of assets held in trust form, and managers selected by the Huron Educational Foundation Investment Committee and Board. Investment fees are netted out before investment results are reported.

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