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By becoming a donor to any of the Huron Educational Foundation’s Endowment Funds, a donor will leverage their gift and make a much more substantial impact on area students. In addition, the legal and financial responsibilities of administering a scholarship are shifted to the Foundation while the Donor receives the satisfaction of growing the opportunities to expand Huron Schools’ educational resources and options for student scholarship


The Huron Educational Foundation “Permanent Endowment Fund” is the unrestricted fund for the Foundation. Contributions received by the Huron Educational Foundation that are not designated by the donor are placed in this fund. Proceeds from his fund will be distributed through a grant process and for the benefit of the Huron City Schools’ students, staff, programs, and scholarships. 


The Huron Educational Foundation's goal is to grow this fund (to $500,000, or over 4 years, whichever comes first) before beginning to distribute its earnings. The fund is meant to build value through continuing contributions and earnings. After the $500,000 goal is reached the proceeds will be distributed for the benefit of the Huron City Schools’ students, staff, program enrichment, and scholarships according to our Huron Educational Foundation Distribution of Funds Policy.


  • Donors who wish to contribute $10,000 or more to the Endowment Fund may name their fund, which then can be added to at any time in any amount.  

  • Donors of $5,000 or more to this Endowment Fund become lifetime members of the Huron Educational Foundation's Legacy Circle.  


This fund will provide the most flexible use by the fund managers. Its funds will be managed by the Erie County Community Foundation. The Erie County Community Foundation has generously provided an initial matching grant to establish this fund. Their investment committee meets quarterly to closely monitor and review strategy and progress. Asset allocation is designed to support short term spending/income goals as well as to provide for longer-term growth over inflation.  



A named scholarship/education fund may be established with a minimum endowment of $25,000. These named funds shall be donor-directed. After their establishment, the fund can be added to in any amount and at any time. Learn more about the establishment of Donor Directed Funds.



A fund made up of multiple scholarship/education funds designated for the continued education and benefit of Huron City Schools’ students, staff, programs, and scholarships. The criterion for awarding these funds is based on the Distribution of Funds Policy and/or individual donor specifications.  

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